The Qualitons - Life Awaits


The Qualitons - Wandering Will

The Qualitons - Gone To You

The Qualitons - Cmon baby get heavy with me



Vera Jonas / Hunor G. Szabo - Walk Away


Vera Jonas Experiment - Find Your Keys

Vera Jonas Experiment - This Time // BALCONY TV


The Qualitons was formed in 2008. Their music is inspired by the sound and energy of early rock, mod-beat and funk music of the ‘60s and ’70s. Their debut album "Panoramic Tymes" was released in 2010 by German funk-soul label Tramp Records and after some lineup changes it was followed by "Tomorrow's News" in 2014. With their second album they took a garage rock direction with an emphasis on psychedelic rock, as well as elements from other genres such as '60s dance music and soul, building on solid guitar grooves with thoughtful vocal harmonies.

The main stages of the band:

2010 - First album - Panoramic Tymes (Tramp Records)
2011 - Works with Abate Berihun
2011 - Own concert show on the Palace of Arts in Budapest
2011 - MR2 Radio concert (hungarian radio live recording)
2010-2012 Concert tours in Europe
(G, E, F, PL)
2011 - International radio show up

(Wandering will, Bodzarella, C'mon baby get heavy with me)
2013 - MR2 national radio show up (Life Awaits)
2014 - Tomorrow's News (Grund Records)

Vera Jónás is a hard-working, extremely determined singer-songwriter-guitarist. Her band, Vera Jonas Experiment performed two shows at Eurosonic 2017, and opened for Skye and Ross from Morcheeba in Budapest last fall.

While Launching Gagarin Records & Management released the second album of Vera Jonas Experiment in April 2016, Vera received the prestigious Junior Songwriter Award of Artisjus, Hungary’s copyright agency, and she was selected for the second round of MIDEM’s Artist Accelerator program. In May, Vera Jonas Experiment was nominated for the award of Hungary’s Association of Record Labels (Fonogram) in the alternative/indie-rock category. In September, she recorded a session for Sofar Sounds Sessions in Hamburg, during Reeperbahn Festival. Vera sings the main theme of an original HBO series broadcast in Hungary and Spain. In the meantime, the four-piece tours Hungary and the neighboring countries with the latest release.


Vera Jónás formed Vera Jonas Experiment in 2011, released an LP Game and an EP Wanted before this year’s new album, Tiger, Now!. The song, What would they do?! was the original soundtrack of a Hungarian mainstream movie, while her most recent featuring with highly-acclaimed Hungarian producer-songwriter Máriusz Fodor has reached the Top30 of Hungary’s top alternative music radio.

Game, which brought them two nominations (Best Album, Best Spoken Word Song) at the 13th Independent Music Awards, was released in Japan, where she toured in the spring of 2015. The Experiment plays in Romania regularly. They also played in Austria and Germany, and are frequent guests at Hungary’s top clubs and festivals like Sziget and VOLT.

The Qualitons - Fülcimpa


A young Norwegian/Irish/Hungarian band that has suddenly captured the heart of the Hungarian music scene.

A few years back a Norwegian and a young man from Ireland moved to the south of Hungary to learn medicine. After teaming up with a local drummer, they formed a threesome that in its first 2 years has already performed in cities and festivals across Hungary, Germany, UK, Romania and Ireland. After finishing university, with songs on national radio and attention building they threw caution to the wind and stayed in Hungary and became full time musicians.

– Play groove-heavy hendrix-pop
– Two of the members are actually doctors. Took the logical

   route and stayed in Hungary to become full time musicians.
– Guitar/double bass/drum trio.
– Double bass player bought an upright bass 3 years ago and

   taught himself in 3 months.
– Three members are from NORWAY, IRELAND and HUNGARY
– Reeperbahn official performer 2016.
– Played at all major Hungarian festivals.


The group WH was formed at the initiative of cellist and composer Albert Márkos with the goal of placing the sonnets and songs of William Shakespeare in a modern musical context. The name of the project refers to a monogram, the certain Mr. W. H. to whom Shakespeare dedicated his sonnets published in printed form. The identity of this mysterious person - like the content of the sonnets themselves - is the subject of much debate to this day, but one thing is certain: in this formation, the verse assumes an appropriately enigmatic and exciting musical guise. The theme of the sonnets is love, the eternal triangle, candid sexuality and everything that accompanies it; the material of the sonnets is a paradox, and so their style, too, is paradoxical. In setting the sonnets to music, WH projects them in a way that dazzles the ears and eyes of the modern audience. For Shakespeare, double and multiple meanings are used as a vivid instrument of poetic expression. By setting the poetry to music, WH animates the associative structure of the text and the linguistic and rhetorical workings of the verse.

W.H. - Shakespeare's Sonnets and Songs (live at MUPA)


W.H. - Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind

Mongooz and the Magnet - Don't Wanna Be Like You


Mongooz and the Magnet - Dreamy Eyes | Sofar Hamburg

Dzsindzsa - Intézet / Studio Session at KOMA Bázis


Dzsindzsa - Böszme

Dzsindzsa - Pacsi / Studio Session at KOMA Bázis

Experimental jazz trio.


Smárton Trio - Naturelle


Smárton Trio +1 - Chewin' Gum

Smárton Trio - Szimpla VJ Set 27 Nov 2012

Playing a blend of Jazz, Pop and Hippie rock, guitarist and composer Marton Suto's group shot to fame with "I don't know yet", and were tagged as a hit at the Hungary's famous Sziget Fesztivál and the national Palace of the Arts.




Hunor's One Man Band - Crawlin' Home


Hunor's One Man Band - Faded Pink Oyster

Hunor's Unknown Band - Unknown Land

Sonor teardrop 1965, Walberg and Auge snare 1963