Hunor G. Szabo is a well-respected drummer and composer in Hungary’s jazz and pop scene. The characteristic flavour of his playing and style are inspired mainly by the music and sound of the 60s, and his professional music career goes hand-in-hand with a passion for vintage drums and instruments.

Born in 1979 in Mezőtúr, a small farming town in Hungary, it was there he began his musical education attending drum, guitar and Hungarian folk music classes. In 2004, he graduated as a jazz drummer from the prestigious Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, in Budapest.

Since his college years he has been an active and important member in the Budapest music scene, and is credited with several of his own in addition to many side projects.

the qualitons
mongooz and the magnet
mongooz and the magnet 2



Mezőtúr, HUNGARY


Jazz, Funk, Pop


The Qualitons

Vera Jonas Experiment

Mongooz and the Magnet

Smárton Trio


W. H.


Vera Jónás Experiment - Tiger now!  2016  (Launching Gagarin)
Dzsindzsa - Fuss  2016  (Pre Post Records)
Az éjszaka csodái  2015  (Self released)
The Qualitons - Tomorrow's News  2014  (Grund Records)
Vera Jónás Experiment - Wanted  2014  (Self released)
Ágoston Orchestra - Lengyel tangó  2014  (Gryllus Records)
Sena Dagadu - Lots of trees  2013  (Universal Records)
W. H. - Crabbed Age and Youth  2012  (Bly Records)
Szabó Balázs Bandája - Közelebb  2012  (digital LP)
Szilárd Mezei International Improvisers Ensemble - Karszt  2012  (Self released)
Borbély Mihály Balkán Jazz Project - Live at Fonó  2011  (Fonó Records)
The Qualitons - Panoramic Tymes  2010  (Tramp Records, Germany)
Szilárd Mezei Szabad Quintet - Singing Elephant  2010  (GyőrFree)
Pulcinella and Dzsindzsa - Panthers' Play  2009  (BMC)
W. H. - 400th Anniversary Album  2009  (Bly Records)
Grencsó Open Collectice with Lewis Jordan - Homespun in black and white  2009  (BMC)
AMA - Beat 3  2009  (S10 Records)
Smárton Trió - +1  2008  (Hunnia Records)
AMA - Beat 2  2008  (Self released)
Szilárd Mezei - Februári Fadöntés  2008  (Self released)
Dzsindzsa - Meconium  2007  (S10 Records)
Egy Kis Erzsi Zene - Kinono  2006  (Self released)
Smárton Trió - I don't know yet  2006  (Self released)
Egy Kis Erzsi Zene - Röné álma  2004  (Self released)
Egy Kis Erzsi Zene - Deladela  2002  (Bahia Records)
Komisz Kenyér  2001  (Self released)

Theatre Works:

Egy fenékkel két lovat  2016  (Belvárosi Theatre)

Sárkánylehelet   2016  (Szávai Viktória - G. Szabó Hunor duo)
Hair  2015   (Belvárosi Theatre)
Music, Music, Music  2013  (Katona József Theatre)
Athéni Timon  2013  (Koma Group)
10. gén  2011  (Koma Group)
Nincs ott semmi  2011 (Tünet Group)
Gyász  2010  (Katona József Theatre)
Olyan furcsa vagy ma  2010  (Tünet Group)
A kis December Király  2010  (Kuthy Ágnes)
Az Élet értelme  2009  (Tünet Group)
Pokoli disznótor  2009  (Nemzeti Theatre)
Yu-Hu-Rap  2009  (Mu Theatre)
Varázsfuvola  2008  (Szkéné Theatre, Hoppart Group)
Vasárnap nem temetünk  2008  (Bárka Theatre)
Tajtékos napok  2007  (Mezei Kinga Group)
Hair  2006  (Színművészeti Főiskola, Hoppart Group)
Fabula  2005  (Bárka Theatre)

Film works:

Utazás Apánkkal /Reise mit Vater/  2017  (Anca Miruna Lazarescu)
Zero  2014  (Nemes Gyula)
Utolsó Idők  2009  (Mátyássy Áron)
Mínusz  2006  (Mátyássy Áron)

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